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Welcome to CandidOak Concepts. We design and develop web sites, web applications and web products that embrace and expand the possibilities of the Internet.

Brand presence

Getting online and establishing a brand presence is one of the most important things for any company. Sharing your ideals, services, products and contact information with the world is fundamental, if not downright expected, in this day and age and a clear, concise and attractive web presence can have a huge impact on how your company is discerned.

Sales & e-commerce

Buying and selling online has never been easier (or more popular) and it's never too late to exploit the potential huge advantages it offers to retailers. Through online selling and e-commerce, CandidOak can help your company to reach a vast audience whilst reducing your traditional overheads - an incredibly effective way to generate revenue if undertaken wisely.

Marketing & promotion

Marketing and promoting your services or products through online channels such as Facebook, Twitter or direct email campaigns is a useful strategy for companies looking to expand and grow. Likewise a strong paid advertising campaign and good organic placement in search engines can be very powerful in generating footfall right to your virtual doorstep.

Bespoke applications

Sometimes there are no off-the-shelf tools available that suit your needs or ideas and, in that situation, a bespoke web application might be required. Bespoke apps can range from anything from huge, innovative systems that will potentially revolutionise the Internet to small, simple, succinct products that help save a bit of time in the office and reduce overheads and frustration.